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Magic Film Maker / Magic Music / RockTheCities / Anthony D / RichDaPlug

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# Anthony D: Creative Director, Videographer, Musician, and Entrepreneur

## Introduction

Anthony D, born Anthony Darst in Minneapolis, MN in 1985, is a multi-talented individual making waves in the creative industry. With a background as a Creative Director for Layzie Bone/Harmony Howse Entertainment, as well as being a videographer, musician, and entrepreneur, Anthony D has proven himself to be a force to be reckoned with. Let's dive deeper into his journey and the remarkable work he has accomplished.

## Influences and Musical Journey

Growing up, Anthony D found himself influenced by a diverse range of artists and genres. From legends like John Coltrane and Motown Funk to contemporary icons like Phil Collins, 2Pac, and Bone Thugs & Snoop, he drew inspiration from various musical styles.

Early on, Anthony D began creating his own lyrics and freestyles, driven by his entrepreneurial spirit and the dreams he held. His music represents a blend of deep and creative expression, combining poetic punchlines with a witty style reminiscent of Eminem.

## Magic Film Maker and Magic Music

Anthony D is the proud owner of Magic Film Maker as well as Magic Music, a professional video company along-side his music label. With his passion for visual art, he channels his creativity through video and music, creating captivating experiences for his audience. Through his videos, he brings his music to life by exploring unique concepts and pushing the boundaries of visual storytelling.

One notable example is the song "Reverse," where the entire video is filmed and edited in reverse. Anthony D's commitment to capturing innovative concepts is showcased by his decision to film and edit the video even before writing the song, allowing him to create a mind-bending experience for his listeners.

Another visually captivating creation is "Cindy," where Anthony D's heavy-hitting beat is accompanied by lyrics and a wicked video depicting his unique take on Cinderella.

## Collaborations and Filming Projects

Driven by his dreams and passion, Anthony D has worked his way up to collaborating with his idols and filming projects for various celebrities. Notable collaborations include touring with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony and filming projects for Jelly Roll, Damion Hall, Dennis White, Vanilla Ice, NLE Choppa, Dizzy Wright, DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia, Mod Sun, Pretty Ricky, Yin Yang Twins, Lewis Capaldi, Lambo Dadd, Yawda w MMG, King Wayz, FlyBoy, Just Will, and many more.

His ability to capture the essence of these artists' performances and translate them into compelling visuals highlights Anthony D's talent as a videographer and his dedication to his craft.

## The #HitList: A New Album

Currently, Anthony D is hard at work on his upcoming album, titled "The #HitList." This highly anticipated project is going at over 10 of his favorite legends in the music industry.

## Music

Listeners can expect a diverse array of music, ranging from slow and smooth tracks to infectious island vibes and even stadium anthems. An interesting highlight from his repertoire includes a Christmas song created for the MN Vikings, where Anthony D transforms into Santa and rides a Lamborghini as his sleigh. Additionally, he has submitted a visually captivating creation for Snoop Dogg's upcoming cereal.

## Empowering the Community through #RockTheCities

Beyond his individual accomplishments, Anthony D has recently partnered to turn his LLC #RockTheCities into a 501c3 non-profit organization. With a focus on music and professional visuals, #RockTheCities aims to provide the community with engaging and empowering events.

Through #RockTheCities, Anthony D and his team strive to create opportunities for artists to showcase their talents, while also giving back to the community. The organization actively seeks partnerships and collaborations with local businesses, artists, and organizations to support community development and engagement.

## Looking Ahead

Anthony D continues to make a lasting impact in the creative industry through his multifaceted talents as a Creative Director, videographer, musician, and entrepreneur. With his boundless creativity, dedication, and a passion for community empowerment, he has proven time and again that he is not one to disappoint.

Stay tuned for upcoming projects, events, and initiatives from Anthony D and #RockTheCities as they continue to inspire and uplift through the power of music, professional visuals, and community engagement.


Anthony D Presents: Million Dollar Minute (Audio Series)👇

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