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Claim an adoptable by going to one of my opened Adopt Posts above and Comment β€œClaim # (your chosen number)” Ex. β€œClaim # 0” or send me a direct message!

Preferred payment methods are Ko-fi, PayPal or Cashapp (USD) - These options can be found below this page. Claimed adoptable number has to be confirmed first!
If you are unable to pay within 12 hours, the design # will be passed onto the next claimant.

- By purchasing adopts, you are purchasing ownership of the DESIGN / CHARACTER, which can be used for either Personal or Commercial use once purchased.
- You will receive an image + palette of your claimed adoptable.
- Usage of the ART is prohibited aside from personal use or reference for the proclaimed adoptable’s owner.
- Allowed to recolor, gift or resell (Please make sure to credit me)

β“’ All Art & Designs are created by ReignbowArt

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