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About the app

The Raise app is designed to empower individuals and organizations to raise funds for various causes and personal endeavors. Through each raise, you have the opportunity to effortlessly share your story. Promote and invite your audience to contribute to your cause, making a financial impact on the issues that matter most to you. Whether you're seeking funds for charitable initiatives, community projects, creative endeavors, or personal goals, Raise provides a user-friendly platform to share your story and rally support. Empower your audience to fund your cause, and together, let's create a better world, one meaningful contribution at a time.


  1. Customize your fundraising page with a compelling image or video, add an impactful message, and inspire your audience to contribute.
  2. Secure and hassle-free transactions. Donors can confidently contribute funds using their preferred payment methods, providing convenience and peace of mind.
  3. Easily share your campaign across all social platforms, empowering your supporters to spread the word and amplify the reach of your cause.
Designed to be shared on:
Instagram Tiktok Twitter Facebook Discord YouTube Twitch OnlyFans
Transaction Fee
8% + Fees