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Your link in bio should match your personality! Direct.me gives you the tools to make your profile look exactly how you want.

We want to give you the best link in bio page. Period. Not just the best link in bio.

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It’s your data, we’re not going to hold it hostage. Track your views, clicks and most popular links. No limits on timescales, or detail level, if we track it, you can see it.

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Your audience is your audience. Stop living at the mercy of algorithms & take ownership of your followers, and then contact them directly. As it should be.

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Direct from your page, or on the great platforms we partner with - we want you to earn. Direct.me has tools to make money right from your page and also works great with all the other places you can earn money.

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What Is Direct.me?

Direct.me is a way to create a stunning mini-website, commonly used as a "Link in bio".

Since you manage your page, it's always up to date regardless of when your link is clicked!

What Should I Add To My Page

Every Direct.me page is different, but be sure to include the basics: your social media accounts, your website, or wherever you do business.

It's recommended that you have between 3-7 links on your page. Since you are constantly updating your page, every time a follower visits they see something new and exciting.

Can my page replace my website?

Yes, your Direct.me page can serve as your mini-website to share, sell and promote with minimal time and effort. Say goodbye to the headache of maintaining and manually updating a website and say hello to an organized, single page of bliss.

Our easy-to-use customization tools allow you to build a page in minutes that completely represents your brand. Zero prior knowledge, skills, or experience is needed.

If you already have a website, that’s awesome- you can add it to your Direct.me page.

How can I make money?

There are unlimited ways to monetize your page from the second it’s set up. Every creator can collect tips, generate revenue from affiliate links, or sell products right from your Direct.me page.

Whether you are promoting your brand or running an e-commerce business your Direct.me page is the fastest way to get your audience to the point of purchase.

Not only can you think of your own ways to make money, but our team, our partners and our users are always coming up with new ways for you to earn.

Where should I add my link?

You can add your Direct.me link on any social media platform, in email signatures, video descriptions, show notes, live streams, webinars, and even introduce it to the offline world using your unique QR code- new followers await.

Rule of thumb: if they (your audience) can click it, you should add it!

How do I join?

Don't see your question? Don't worry, just check out our support center or email us and we'll get back to you with answers.

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