Shamara Star Cox

Shamara Star Cox

I'm your social media coach helping you discover and empower your ideal clients

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Learn how to quickly Attract your ideal customers, Build a loyal community, and Convert your followers to Customers on Instagram + TikTok

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See if you qualify to join my inner circle. This is private coaching so you can elevate your videos and create content that converts to cash

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If you're struggling to grow your following and attract your ideal customers then these resources will help you even if you don't know how to use Instagram or TikTok

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Live Trainings each week on how to leverage your video content in order to book your ideal customers

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Simply choose equipment that will help you create high quality videos. I've vetted all the equipment so that all you have to do is purchase

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Need help hearing God's voice, or you just need some direction with a decision, this call is designed to help you hear God clearly + confidently and make the decisions aligned with God's will for your life

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