IPaintCreatures™ and the FunkyiPuppets™

IPaintCreatures™ and the FunkyiPuppets™

iPaintCreatures™ and the FunkyiPuppets™

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Through Denki Publishing, IPaintCreatures has published a 90 page glossy Art Book. It contains sketches, paintings, short stories, poems, and a Graphic Novellas. It is a primer to the fantastical creature story world of IPC’s named Matsu. It provides insights in the epic story (which is written to be delivered in a mult-platform from internet digital content to novels - to picture books - to feature films and theatrical performances live and on platforms like Clubhouse and Twitch.tv)

Domestic (USA): Book out now for $25 USD plus $5 Shipping

International: $25 USD plus $20 Shipping


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Email IPC at bookingipaintcreatures@gmail.com with the subject Buying Book. Attach screenshot of payment to email along with your name and mailing address to get your book.

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Welcome to 96542

Meet the world of MATSU (Making Art Together Supporting Unity)

Come to the Outpost in 96542, where creatures play and spread love throughout the world for the good of humanity.

Interact with us, we are waiting to meet you!

Here you will enter the fantastical story world created by

IPaintCreatures, fondly referred to as IPC

IPaintCreatures ™and the FunkyiPuppets™

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