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Rose Jones

Rose Jones

Certified Life and Accountability Coach


Let Rose Speak is a community for women who are on a journey to self-love and that has been mistreated, misused, abused, or feel lost. This community was created to be a haven for women to tell their stories without judgment and get the support and guidance they need. Feel, see, and understand what true unconditional love is and be part of a sisterhood.

Let Rose Speak was created because I had a story that needed to be told. I have been silent most of my life, allowing life to happen to me and allowing people to hurt and abuse me. I knew if I didn’t tell my story, I would never be free, that the hurt, pain, and abusive people would continue to control me. So, I decided to set myself free and tell my story. While sharing my story, I learned that so many other women have been through some of the same struggles as me. So I decided to create Let Rose Speak, a community where I can share my story and what I’ve learned throughout this journey of “me” finding myself and relearning to love myself. So that I can help other women set themselves free.

“How you love yourself is how you teach others to love you.”

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