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Dashaun Bryant

Dashaun Bryant

Hustle Hard, Hustle Smart and Don't be afraid to Bogard.

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Hustle Hard, Hustle Smart, and Don't be afraid to Bogard.

A little Intro to RoofHustlers

First and Foremost welcome Hustlers.

Dashaun Bryant is an ace roof salesman. Some of his highlights. Top Salesman who has Sold over 650 roofs in 3yrs. He has also been an amazing Door to Door Sales Trainer/Coach to 30 companies as of 2021. Dashaun has also been recognized as Biggest Hustler for the Years 2020 and 2021. He is the Epitome of a Hustler who is also the owner of Roof Hustlers, a consulting company that teaches roofing businesses how to land more jobs through door-to-door sales. It's been a meteoric rise to success for Bryant, who just a few short years ago had no connections to the roofing industry. His vision is to change the dynamic of the roofing industry, by teaching others how to create genuine customer connections and build better customer relationships.

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