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Stop Italian sounding

Stop Italian sounding

🎯Creating awareness about the differences between real Italian 🇮🇹 and Italian Sounding food/beverage products

Stop Italian Sounding website

Stop “Italian sounding”

Awareness on the differences between real and Italian sounding food & beverage products. This is done through educating the consumer about this phenomenon.

What is an “Italian sounding” product?

An Italian sounding product induces the consumer into erroneously associating the local product with the Italian one. This is done through the use of words, colors, images, and geographical references.

Economic value of Italian sounding products

About €100 billion (USD $ 121 billion) on a world wide scale.

Why does spreading awareness matter?

It matters because it helps to protect the consumer. Behind many Italian products, there is much more then just simple ingredients; there is tradition, history, and craftsmanship. A knowledge consumer is a happier one.

Furthermore, spreading awareness is important because most Italian sounding products are imitations of protected Italian products. From the Italian point of view, this is damaging to not only Italy’s image, but also to the small and medium producers.

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