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Antonella Sinner

Antonella Sinner

Paranormal Romance Author

Provoking a Panther - MPV Anthology

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Bound by Blood and Desire on Vella

Moonbound Desires on Vella

Song of the Tempest on Vella

Taming a Tiger on Vella

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Saira has found herself thrusted into an arranged marriage after being taken from the grasp of an elite organization and into the hands of those she is meant to destroy.

She is determined to give her hand only to a woman who loves her, so she refuses her betrothed, General Eesha Bhatt, despising the tigress with every fiber of her being.

What Saira was not expecting is for her heart to beat erratically whenever she is around said heartless tigress, regardless of the hatred she holds for her.

An Immortal’s Redemption on Vella

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AIR description

Demons are malevolent entities that feed on pain and suffering. Sometimes your demons aren't just in your head.

A few kisses turn into a little something more, something sensual and hot like nothing I've ever had before.

But, little did I know, this mysterious man would prove to be an escape for me from that darkness that tugs me down and burns through my heart.

He is darkness. He is my knight. But he is also the light that will fend off the demons lurking in the shadows.

Hunting a Tiger on Vella

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HAT description

Malia hunts his kind, ruthless beasts full of blood lust, and kills them before they murder the innocent. So why the hell is he in her dreams?

When Malia’s best friend is snatched by conniving forces, she realizes it’s up to her to put an end to the carnage once and for all.

To her surprise, it’s her ex she comes face to face with. He’s different, a darkness lurks inside him, it’s hardened him and turned him into a sex-craved beast… and it’s kinda hot.

Fighting With a Bear on Vella

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FWAB description

All Fiona wanted was a holiday getaway, and what she received from Saint Nick was far from it. This small town holds legends of bear shifters, and her protector happens to be one.

Fiona must tolerate strange attractions toward a hot-headed bear shifter after a brief encounter during her stay in a small town. Chaos ensues one morning after an ancient demon decides to make her its prime target and this bear shifter seems to be her only line of defense.

Stuck With a Snow Leopard on Vella

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SWASL description

Lennox isn't one to welcome unfamiliar faces into his home. Especially during the holidays. Will Victoria melt his harsh exterior and emit sympathy from him?

An unexpected snowstorm has Victoria stuck in a rental cabin without any power (or heating) and a grumpy Snow Leopard shifter as her only companion. The thing is he hasn't welcomed her at all into his home and wants her to leave ASAP. Things take a turn after a cold night below temperatures and Victoria learns just how heated things can get with a shifter in the middle of the night.


The Fate of Dawngarde Series

Moonlit Songs

Book 1

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MS description

The last thing I expected of my normal life was to stumble upon a realm called Dawngarde in the midst of a raging war between the protectors of the Land and Sea. This realm is unlike anything I’ve ever explored, and it calls to me with a beautiful melody, inviting me to uncover its secrets and soak in its beauty.

Dark forces, however, lurk in the shadows, threatening the harmony and stability of the realm. A target has been put on my back after coming face to face with these forces. Fearing for my safety, my life has been put in the hands of the werewolf shifters of the realm, and I must leave my life as I know it behind to enter Dawngarde.

Little did I know fate has plans for me, ones I cannot rewrite or avoid.

Unexplainable feelings stir me from within and have my heart yearning for the warmth and healing of two beings from within the realm. One touch from a broody werewolf named Xander Blackwood has electricity surging through me. Thea Terina, another being from the realm, captures me with the gleam of her emerald eyes, and my heart flutters at her proximity.

On this journey, I come to realize something powerful resides in my soul and spills into my blood. A prophecy is in the works, and somehow, the fate of the realm lies in my hands.

Riptide Melodies

Book 2

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RM Description

The tides surge to unfathomable heights, and the protectors of land and sea find themselves treading the same territory.

After uncovering an ancient prophecy, I inherited magic powerful enough to encompass the extraordinary. As I dive deeper into the lore of the realm with my soulmates, Xander and Thea, our unexpected romance harmonizes into a symphony.

The seas might appear smooth to sail across, however, dark forces are after us and I'll risk everything to save those I love.

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Stand-Alone Books

An Immortal’s Redemption

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AIR Description

Demons are malevolent entities that feed on pain and suffering. Sometimes your demons aren't just in your head.

As a young, small-town woman, I should know more than just this crappy, lifeless job at the local café and the strained, manipulative relationship I have with my boyfriend, Javon.

I crave more in life than just… this.

One fateful night, I was graced by an exquisite and mysterious man. He saved me from an assailant, and I soon learned he’s that little more I crave in life.

A few kisses turn into a little something more, something sensual and hot like nothing I’ve ever had before. But, little did I know, he would prove to be an escape for me from that darkness that tugs me down and burns through my heart.

I soon learn that this mysterious man in town has dark, chilling secrets that challenge my beliefs and faith.

The world is at risk of being consumed by dark forces lurking beneath our toes, and I’m caught up in the middle of it all.

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