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Who is IPC

The artist known as IPC (IPaintCreatures) is a multi-talented and multi-purposed content creator who has worked for such high-tech creative firms and franchises as Lucasfilm LTD, Microsoft Corporation, Intel Corporation and Apple Computers. He is a multi-disciplined multi-media artist who is a professional storyteller, award winning and published performance poet, a fantastical illustrator and painter and creator of animated, docudramas, and feature filmmaker.

IPC has several college degrees in Communications, Psychology and Education with an emphasis of technology and the fine arts. He is a two time Haiku head to head world champion and master of the contemporary English language form of Haiku and the short poem. He has inspired, educated, entertained, and empowered many students, patrons, and fans for two decades. With his ability to integrate all of the arts and the creative process enhancing people of all walks to integrate wonder, creativity, curiosity, and the imagination into their daily lives, thus improving the quality of life.

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Symphony Book - OUT NOW

IPaintCreatures through Denki Publishing has published a 90 page glossy Art Book. That contains sketches, paintings,short stories, poems, and a Graphic Novellas. It is a primer to the fantastical creature story world of IPCs named Matsu. It provides insights in the epic story (which is written to be delivered in a mult-platform from internet digital content to novels - to picture books - to feature films and theatrical performances live and on platforms like Clubhouse and

Book out now $25 USA plus 5 dollars Shipping

International $25 dollars us plus $20 dollar us








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